AdSaver Sales Audit Is a service developed to analyze sales department effectiveness to identify opportunities for business development and turn more leads into customers.

AdSaver Sales Audit* includes:

  • Lead to prospect conversion sequence effectiveness evaluation
  • Identifying the causes of deal loss
  • Action plan development to prevent loss of potential customers and optimize the lead to customer conversion sequence

*Beta Version, Service is under development

AdSaver Sales Audit Services

  • Lead-to-Prospect conversion sequence compliance analysis
  • Quality of the CRM system data input evaluation
  • Lead-to-Deal conversion sequence effectiveness evaluation

Batch subscription

Quality start
Accelerated development
Effective scaling

Analysis of compliance with the stages of transformation of a potential customer into customers

100 appeals
250 appeals
500 appeals

Analysis of the quality of information input into the CRM system

100 appeals
250 appeals
500 appeals

Analysis of the effectiveness of the sequence of stages of transformation of a potential customer into customers

Each 3 months
Each 2 months
Each 2 months


  • null
  • null
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Consider AdSaver Sales Audit if you are facing any of the following:

  • Lost deals share is growing
  • The reasons for the deals lost aren’t obvious and cannot be consolidated
  • Available statistics can’t help to improve sales department effectiveness


How to audit sales?

To audit your sales department, you need to define KPIs that define the department's effectiveness and that impact on the Business Results delivery. Then you need to list all of the factors that directly or indirectly will impact the KPIs delivery by all department members. Every factor should be evaluated of the level of its impact, its current position vs. the ideal state.

What is a sales sequence?

Sales sequence is a sequence of steps that should be accomplished by the sales or business development representative to convert the lead to prospect–to deal

What is the process of sales sequence compliance evaluation?

We evaluate every incoming ticket (whether it’s a call or a chat) and compare sales representative interaction with the lead to the steps of sales sequence standards of your business.

How is CRM data input quality evaluated?

According to your data input standards, we evaluate data inquiries upon selected criteria and generate reports upon compliance for every inquiry.


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