Analytics tool for tracking and consolidating information about calling customers. Call Tracking determines the source of the transition to the site and all the actions prior to the direct call

How does AdSaver CallTracking work?

  • The client contacts the company via a personalized number on the website or a unique number linked to the source of the advertisement message (OOH, radio, etc.)

  • The tracker keeps determines the source of the path before the call and onsite activities are taken by the user before contacting you.

  • The system recorded and analyzed the client's actions. You now have the opportunity to review and optimize your advertising campaign.

Advantages of using AdSaver CallTracking

  • на 80%

    the number of unanswered calls decreases

  • до 20%

    growth of new customers for the first month of work

  • на 100%

    all incoming appeals are processed

  • 30%

    budget is redirected to the most effective advertising

call tracking image

AdSaver CallTracking includes:

  • Estimation of the required quantity of linked phone numbers
  • Integration with the site without interfering with the code
  • Integration with AdSaver LMS, or any other CRM system
  • Setting up analytics in Google Analytics and AdSaver LMS
  • Conversions data transfer to Google and Facebook Pixel

What is required for the AdSaver CallTracking installation:

  • The business needs audit that we’ll conduct upon your objectives and customer requests load dynamics.

  • Book the required quantity of phone numbers with a given specification.

  • Set tags via Google Tag Manager (without interfering with the website code).

  • Connect all phone numbers to the selected communication system solution.

  • Set up goals in Google Analytics.

  • Synchronize data transfer to Google Pixel and Facebook Pixel

  • Set up requested reports.



uah/monthly for 1 telephone number
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