BPA is a set of tools or technologies used to perform recurring tasks and routines. It is used to optimizes performance and to create space and focus for important and strategic tasks.

Benefits of business processes automation:

  • Reducing the cost per acquisition:
    • With the help of sales processes automation, sales data is transferred by installed pixels on your website to the advertising accounts to build effective LookAlike audiences.
    • Ad campaigns are rated upon the Conversion effectiveness for the further acquisition strategies optimization.
  • Reducing the cost of retaining and re-engaging existing customers:
    • To deliver personalized messages, data is collected, segmented, and transmitted to advertising accounts.
  • Deal Velocity Acceleration:
    • Tasks assignment across sales managers and business development manager per conversion qualification.
    • Tasks and reminders are generated and updated automatically updated upon the deal stage and status update.
  • Sales department effectiveness and workload monitoring:
    • Elimination of the human factor and managerial mistakes by automating sales processes.
    • Managers overload notification
    • Tasks distribution algorithms design and optimization within the lead qualification and workload level across department managers.

Business processes automation deployment stages:

  • An audit of needs and available solutions: we will help you to define your goals and evaluate existing solutions.

  • Automation algorithms and available tools utilization alignment.

  • Integration of additional tools, if required.

  • Technical configuration of the automation process.

  • Testing of the integrated business process automation.

  • Standard operation procedures (SOPs) conduction and database consolidation, along with employee education.

  • Launch of the automation process, project evaluation, and further optimization.

The solution is relevant for:

  • business at the stage of active development and scaling

  • companies at the beginning of their journey, in case of deficit of resources and a strategic component

  • in the absence of transparency and effectiveness evaluation of marketing and sales departments

  • in the presence of a large number of errors as a result of human error

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to automate business processes?

Evaluate your business needs for the autimatization, set up goals, and search for the best matching solution (refer to the business stages).

What business processes should you automate?

Recurring tasks and routines that generate mistakes or business losses.

What are the benefits of using business process automation tools?

Depending on the integration and the set of tools you choose, with AdSaver business process automation you can Decrease your Cost per Acquisition, Cost per User Retention, and Current user re-activation, Accelerate your deal velocity or improve your sales department effectiveness.

Can I order the CallTracking, CallBack or CRM service separately?

Of course. If you know which tool you need, you can order any of these services separately. If in doubt, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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