AdSaver LMS

Customer relationship management system, designed to accelerate the velocity of marketing and sales processes

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With CRM system AdSaver LMS you can:

  • Design your personal database, consolidating the direct calls and other sources of conversion.
  • Plan consequent steps of sales sequence and schedule the following interactions with the prospects.
  • Create and assign tasks to specific managers.
  • Process tickets through a defined sequence.
  • Monitor the workload of managers and the quality of tasks performance.
  • Integrate the system with additional services (IP telephony, Call Back).
  • Sort the tickets and generate reports.
  • Upload data to Facebook / Google Pixel to set up advertising campaigns.
AdSaver LMS

AdSaver LMS was developed as a deal velocity accelerator but has become a functioning CRM system for managing and tracking marketing and sales performance.

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Key benefits of using the CRM system AdSaver LMS:

  • Quick access to information.

  • Ability to integrate with other services.

  • Flexibility in setting up the company's business processes.

  • Ease of use.

  • Data safety.

AdSaver LMS features:

  • Customer profile settings
  • Tickets management
  • Planning and control of sales funnels
  • Real-time reporting
  • Planning and tracking of the sales and service departments workload
  • Integration with automatization systems

What is required for the AdSaver LMS installation:

  • The business needs audit that we’ll conduct upon your objectives and customer required customer acquisition funnels design

  • A tag set up through Google Tag Manager for synchronization

  • To optimize and personalize the personal account.

  • List of defined system specifications.

  • Access levels specification

  • Users onboarding training

  • System integration

  • Define and generate reports.


AdSaver LMS

uah/monthly for each user
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