AdSaver for Advertisement Agencies

We help you to deliver transparent reports and results attribution to your marketing efforts.

Why should you apply for Advertisement Agencies Partnership Program?

Why should you apply for Advertisement Agencies Partnership Program?


    Additional Revenue:

    20 to 30% of cashback for all referral deals


    Extra profitable deal:

    up to 30% discount for all AdSaver products to use for agency needs


    Best practices:

    get access to the best practices and premium support

Use AdSaver product and services for:

  • Transparent reporting:

    Transparent reporting:

    Use AdSaver LMS to track leads from different campaign sources, evaluating their quality, lead to deal conversion, and the reason for the lost deals.

  • Correct results attribution:

    Correct results attribution:

    Call Tracking helps to identify the source of direct call lead to attribute the effort correctly.

  • Improve advertisement campaigns effectiveness:

    Improve advertisement campaigns effectiveness:

    Build your Lookalike Audiences based on qualified leads to grow your Conversion Rate and optimize Cost Per Lead.

3 steps to partner with AdSaver:

3 steps to partner with AdSaver:

  • Fill in a simple form

  • Align time for initial onboarding call

  • Get your referral link and access to your AdSaver LMS account

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